Ph.D. in Law

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PhD in Law

PhD in Legal Studies is a full-time three-year doctorate programme that involves research and a tutorial approach to Law study. A wide range of research areas is out there for a PhD in legal studies such as the law of nations, comparative laws, human rights law, admiralty law, international environmental law and many more. To be awarded a PhD the candidate is required to go through coursework, teaching, research and have complete a dissertation.


To become eligible, the students are required to complete a master’s degree or MPhil in Law or Legal Studies with a minimum aggregate score of 55% in the discipline from a recognised university. Along with this, candidates must pass the entrance examination which is conducted by the respective institutions and universities. Some colleges even conduct group discussions and personal interview sessions at the time of admission to select the best candidates.

Also, the candidates are required to have at least a minimum of five years of experience as a professional in the field of administration, teaching, or industry professional at a senior level.


After successfully completing a PhD in Legal Studies program, students have a large opportunity in their professional life. They have better career scope in law organisations, businesses, corporates, government and other organisations, legal departments, research and development, colleges and universities. They can also prefer to become legal practitioners, legal advisors, consultants, researchers, jurists, caseworkers, lawyers, solicitors and others such


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